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About Us

VRR Engineering provides repair and rebuild, manufacturing, spares, maintenance and asset management services to the rail resources and infrastructure sectors and business process outsourcing services to these users. Its clients are large companies, governments and institutions in Africa, South America and the Middle East. VRR Engineering has partnerships with international technology providers including CAF (Spain), ABB, TSA (Austria), ATS (USA), Caterpillar, Cummins, and Strukton Rolling Stock BV in the Netherlands and several South African manufacturers.

Rail Market

The AFRICAN, SOUTH AMERICA, OCIANIA AND MIDDLE EAST: – Market for Rail Engineering  services is open. The essential common denominator is light rail system i.e. in rail gauges shown to the right.

Key Role Players

Vuyiseka Mkele

Majority shareholder, Vuyi was invited to join the board of directors of Bakara and accepted the  position in June 2016. She is currently the COO and shareholder at Bakara. Her experience is in  the field of Strategy and Alignment, Business Unit Performance Management/ Business Balanced  Scorecard Management, Planning (3-year planning), Operational Reporting, Project  management, Strategic Business Relationship Management, B-BBEE implementation, monitoring  and reporting, Employment Equity Chairmanship, General administration, Trends Tracking and  Analysis.

She also has strong experience in managing Strategic Relations, this gained when she was tasked  to manage the business relationships of one of the four South African big banks with their  Shareholders (Black Business Partners). This included developing a performance scorecard for  the business partners, monitor performance and score them according to delivery. Further  experience is in executive management level, managing a business, driving growth and setting  up operational processes. She possesses strong organisational skills, competent in building and  maintaining long-term relations, customer care & relations. Some experience is in Outsourcing  particularly in Inbound Call Centres in terms of Service-Level Agreements, customer service,  query-handling, Statistics Reports, Staff management and Client Satisfaction Index.

Reg Taylor

Reg is the CEO of Bakara and a professional mechanical engineer with considerable manufacturing experience. His career started with the South African Railways where he gained experience in the maintenance of diesel-electric locomotives, locomotive repairs and component manufacturing, maintenance of the iron-ore bulk-handling plant in Saldanha and project management in the Richards Bay multi-purpose terminal.
He went on to join Dowson and Dobson as Chief Design Engineer responsible for drum miners, shuttle cars and roof bolters for the collieries. Following that he took over a general engineering shop from his father and converted it into the sole manufacturer in South Africa of down-hole rock-drilling bits, competing successfully against multinationals such as Sandvik and Atlas Copco.

Robert B Spoon

Robert has been mainly involved as the CEO with major engineering players in the South African market including Delta Electrical, Savcio and Actom, with his primary function of setting strategy and vision of a medium sized business i.e. R2 billion revenue. The target market is railway enterprises in countries that lack the capacity to repair their own fleet, some wishing to have their economy industrialised. In the latter case, BERG will support that desire, giving us a competitive advantage.
Secondly Robert builds culture. Work gets done through people, and people are profoundly affected by culture. This comes with the responsibility of hiring new members of the team and fire non-performers. Robert gets to resolve differences between senior team members, and keep them working together in a common direction. He sets direction by communicating the strategy and vision of where the company is going and what its values are- trust, honesty, openness—and must lead from the front.
Finally, Robert has been involved and is good at finding and managing resources.

Download our BEE certificate: BEE Affidavit- VR Squared (PDF)